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Summer 2024 Alternate Route

HWY 159 Road Closures

The roads do OPEN weekends - Friday at 5:00 PM until Monday 6:00 AM

TXDOT Announced road closures for  State Hwy 159 for June and July 2024. 

The BEST way to get here is the TxDOTrecommended alternate route  detour.

DO NOT follow IMaps, google maps or any auto directions. 

Janssen Lane or Bucky Road will not get you here!

This week, June 3-9   you  can get to us on 159 from LaGrange direction

From LAGRANGE  - follow 159 East, go around the barracade to get to us  

  From Round Top/Fayetteville -   follow 159 West and take the ALTERNATE ROUTE  which is  -  FM 2981 to FM 2145 to 77 to 71 East to 159 East. 

You will have to go around the barracade to get here. 

 Access to The Jersey Barnyard will change vary depending on the direction you are coming and what part of 159 will be closed that particular week.

You are welcome to call and we will give you the best information we have 

We are so sorry for this inconvenience as they improve the highway in front of our farm. 


Approximate Work Schedule

Shown on the left

We have provided a map below to show the referenced roads made in the closure schedule. 

Map of our Area

Detour Route

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